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The Georg Sverdrup Society
The Georg Sverdrup Society was organized in December 2003 and is open to anyone interested in the life and work of Georg Sverdrup (1848 - 1907), considered as among "the ablest theologians" in the history of Norwegian-American Lutheranism.. The society is registered in the state of Minnesota as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation.
Mission Statement:
  • To promote the study and understanding of New Testament congregationalism as understood by Georg Sverdrup.
  • To promote the concept of "free and living congregations."
  • To encourage the study and understanding of the "Fundamental Principles" and "Rules for Work" as were used in the Lutheran Free Church and continue to be used in the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations.
  • To promote translating Sverdrup's writings into English.
  • To widen the readership of Sverdrup's works and provide a forum for the discussion of his ideas.
  • To facilitate research by providing a place in the Free Lutheran Theological Seminary Library for Sverdrup's original writing, translations of his writing, and articles and books published about him and his work.
  • To maintain an updated bibliography of Sverdrup's translated work as well as a bibliography of work written about him.
  • To encourage research and study of Sverdrup's life, work, and ideas by publishing an annual journal.
  • To publish a newsletter for members that provides information on the society's activities and general information.

  • Loiell Dyrud, President
  • Stephen Mundfrom, Vice President
  • Tim Larson, Secretary
  • Kris Nyman, Treasurer and Membership Secretary
  • Craig Johnson
  • Micah Hjermstad
  • Larry J. Walker, Journal Editor
Annual Meeting:
The 2013 Annual Meeting of the Georg Sverdrup Society will be held on Saturday, October 5, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The 2013 topic for study is "Sven Oftedal."

For information regarding the Georg Sverdrup Society, please send an e-mail to
"According to the Word of God, the congregation is the right form of the Kingdom of God on earth."